Born For More (Easter Sunday)

We all know what it's like to be driving on the highway behind a slower driver noticing another lane that moves faster. Something clicks inside and we realize, “I was born for more than this!”

It’s interesting how unfulfilled and dissatisfied our lives can be when we have so many things we want. Truthfully life is not about having the most of what we want but rather making the most of what we have.

Distracted Sons

Recently my family and I were watching unthinkable feats of athletic ability on the X Games. Human beings have the incredible ability to hone our faculties, senses and abilities to do unimaginable things. Just think about a time you were blown away by somebody musically, intellectually, athletically. Incredible abilities can be awakened within all of us if we focus in that direction. 

How much more capacity exists within our spiritual faculties, senses and abilities? Perhaps if we took distractions out of our lives we would find out just how spiritually able we truly are.


Submission is such an interesting word. Anybody who has ever parented children knows there is a difference between submission and compliance. Compliance does what has to in order to get you off my back. Submission embraces the heart and intent behind the request being made.

The Biblical idea of submission is about a lifestyle of humility, love and service to others as our personal ministry to Jesus.